Solutions for your Application

This hinge is one of more than 5,000 products from our standard assortment. Each one has been designed and developed for a wide variety of applications. Probably also for yours – if not: We care.


Latching Solution Supports Expansion of Fiber-Optics

Take a look at our case study with Glasfaser Nordwest.



Information on Quarter-Turn

Quarter-turns can be used as a locking mechanism for numerous applications; they are comprised of a housing, insert, and cam.


We offer a variety of quarter-turns with unique properties, such as compression quarter-turns with vibration resistance. These quarter-turns can be ordered in a wide range of materials, including polyamide, stainless steel, or zinc die-cast. Additionally, we can provide individual components that can complement our standard quarter-turn offerings, such as customized gaskets, grounding clips, and so much more.

-Over 30 standard inserts for quarter-turns 

-Customized inserts  

-Assembly using screws, welding or without tools

-Versions in zinc die-cast, polyamide or stainless steel

In most applications, quarter-turns are the ideal solution to protect against unauthorized access; in some cases, we advise using both a quarter-turn and rod latch.

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