Simple. Secure.

DIRAK-SNAP-Technology (DST)

DST Verbindungstechnik

Simple. Secure.


In a world full of connections, we have developed a pioneering technology. With DIRAK-SNAP-Technology (DST) you can create high-strength connections easily, without the use of any tools – so that you can create the perfect solution, simply and securely.

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Unlimited Possibilities.

We see the world differently, do you?

With DIRAK-SNAP-Technology, it‘s easy to see the many possibilities it represents. By choosing the best solution for your application, you can discover the unique features of this pioneering technology – explore the possibilities.

The Benefits

Unlimited variety.

A well - engineered fastening technology ensures innovation and quality. DIRAK-SNAP-Technology combines flexibility, convenience, and security in every application, without the need for tools. These products slide perfectly through the panel cutout and snap into position, creating a strong and secure connection. There is no possibility for loosening or turning. The DIRAK-SNAP-Technology is reliable, sophisticated, and the perfect solution for your application.

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DIRAK-SNAP-Technology tested

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The Technology

DIRAK-SNAP-Technology is based on the same principle as a slam-latch, similar to those used in a door.  It is made up of two parts:  wedges with ramped edges, and a spring set into a window within the wedges.
These components are then inserted into the hardware and secured with a plastic plug to keep them in place.
When the hardware is pressed into the sheet metal cutout, the ramps on the wedges allow them to retract against the spring.
When the ramps pass their apex, the spring pressure spreads them back outwards, resulting in the distinctive “SNAP” sound.
The hardware is now secured into the sheet metal, resulting in a secure, high-strength connection.

DST Products

Our product recommendations for DIRAK-SNAP-Technology. We use DST, do you?

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Looking for an adventure?

Then explore the world of DST, our team is always available to help you. Together we will show you that the impossible can be possible.

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DST brochure

Download our DST Brochure as a PDF file here.


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