Solutions for your Application

This hinge is one of more than 5,000 products from our standard assortment. Each one has been designed and developed for a wide variety of applications. Probably also for yours – if not: We care.


Latching Solution Supports Expansion of Fiber-Optics

Take a look at our case study with Glasfaser Nordwest.



Information on Accessories and complementary products

Accessories for quarter-turns, swinghandles and multi-point latches.

Numerous additional products can be found here, for example tools- for uninstallation, universal key and also clip-on /screw-on windows

Get an overview of accessories for quarter-turns.

Square, triangular and double bit inserts as well as hexagonal (hex.), plus matching keys.

For multi-point latches, you will also find a large selection of stainless steel rod latches for round rods and flat rods.   

Swinghandle accessories include square adapters, inserts, point cam adapters and profile cylinders.

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