Anforderungen im Maschinenbau

Mechanical engineering

Meeting your requirements is our mission.

Our solution expertise also lies in the development of products that are precisely tuned to the diverse requirements in mechanical engineering.
We offer different products that comply with the Maschinenrichtlinie 2006/42/EG, for example.


Additionally, we ensure that our products meet all safety, security, and flexibility requirements.



In addition to our secure compression and multi-point latches, our E-LINE by DIRAK brand also offers a mechatronic locking solution for machine management – providing the user with the highest levels in safety.


More advantages for your security and safety:

-Load change

-Water and dust protection


-Vibration resistance


Clear visual indicators of locking status increase security and save time on additional checks. Therefore, we have incorporated various locking status displays into our products for easier and fast verification/confirmation.

-LED module: Blinks in the open state

-Symbols pictured on the housings

-Protective caps that are “open” in the open position

In addition to clear visual indicators, our solutions also offer maximum convenience:


-Large force transmission

-Smart accessories that provide access control to the data center cabinet


With our expertise in modular systems, we can find the perfect solution for your specific application with a particular focus on the following end-product requirements:

-mounting holes


-Door size/Door thickness

-Sheet metal thickness

-Installation type (Bolts, weld-on, tool-less)

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