The new Spring-loaded Flap Lid

Retrofittable for quarter-turns with insert and cylinder quarter-turns

Quarter-turns can be utilized in various application areas. Many of these applications are located in areas with high levels of debris and dirt which exposes the quarter-turn to environmental contamination.


Therefore, we have developed a spring-loaded flap lid, manufactured in polyamide to prevent damage to the quarter-turn from dirt and particle build-up, ensuring smooth operation.

dirak separation line

Protection against particle build-up

  •     Enclosing flap provides protection against soiling
  •     The spring-loaded, enclosing flap falls back into the closed position at any time after operation and thus                reliably protects against dust and water 
  •     Integrated stop protects the quarter-turn surface from damages

For long-term use

  • When using the spring-loaded flap lid, the flat external seal can be omitted (flap lid has sealing lips)
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant

Designed for harsh environmental conditions

  •     Head diameter max. 32 mm 
  •     Head height 6 mm 
  •     180° opening angle 
  •     Retrofittable for quarter-turns with insert and cylinder quarter-turns
dirak separation line
Protect against Environmental Contamination

Secure, weather-resistant and easily adapted

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Precisely according to our motto: "pioneering, precise, personal" we would be happy to discuss how you can integrate our innovations in your application area in person, as well. Therefore please contact our experts directly. Just click here. We look forward to your inquiry!

dirak separation line
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